What Is A Facet Of Life?

What’s another word for aspect?


How do you use facet in a sentence?

He shouldn’t try to control every facet of her life. What drove her father to meddle in every facet of her life? The calcaneum with an articular facet for the lower end of the fibula.

What is a facet in programming?

Facets are software components which implement a single functionality, have a single publicly callable interface and have no residual state. A functionality can be considered a single well-defined task in an application.

How does facet joint pain feel like?

There are several symptoms that indicate a person’s pain is coming from the facet joints. The pain is often a diffuse, dull ache in the low back directly over the spine that can spread to the buttocks. In the neck it can be felt in the shoulders and back of the skull.

What does faceted search mean?

faceted navigationFaceted search, also known as faceted navigation or faceted browsing, is a technique used by eCommerce brands to help users analyze, organize, and filter large sets of product inventory based on filters such as size, color, price, and brand. Customers expect to find what they are looking for as fast as possible.

What are the 5 aspects of life?

There are five main aspects of personal health: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual. In order to be considered “well,” it is imperative for none of these areas to be neglected.

What are the different facets of life?

The Life Wheel encompasses 7 human attributes: 1) Self Aspect, 2) Behavioral Aspect, 3) Social Aspect, 4) Physical Aspect, 5) Emotional Aspect, 6) Mental Aspect and 7) Spiritual Aspect.

What is a facet diamond?

A facet is a flat surface on the geometric shape of the diamond. For example, if you would take a look at the brilliant cut diamond you will see the stone consists of 57 facets; the crown of the diamond has 33 facets on the top part of the girdle and 24 on the pavilion, which is underneath the girdle.

What is another word for way?

What is another word for way?methodsystemroadroutealternativemodusoptionmodus operandicourse of actioncourse218 more rows

What is another word for part?

Some common synonyms of part are division, fragment, member, piece, portion, section, and segment.

What are the 5 areas of life?

The Five Areas of Goals:Career/Financial.Developmental/Educational.Physical/Health.Family/Relational/Social.Spiritual/Value.

What are the 3 aspects of life?

Here they are:Mental = Mind. Your mind is a muscle. If you don’t engage it, it will be weak. Knowledge isn’t power unless it’s applied. … Physical = Body. The saying goes: “True wealth is good health” … Emotional = Soul. Do the things in life that align with your heart and your deepest desires: ·

What is another word for Facet?

Find another word for facet. In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for facet, like: regard, aspect, perspective, frame of reference, respect, pane, angle, phase, side, plane and light.

Can a person be multifaceted?

A multifaceted person has many abilities, or a personality with many sides to it.

Is walking good for facet joint pain?

With facet joint impingement, the best modes of aerobic exercise are: slow walking. stationary cycling.

What aggravates facet joint pain?

Pain originating from a damaged spinal facet joint is called facet pain. Facet pain is usually worse with activities that cause movement of the spine such as bending, twisting and lifting.

What is a project facet?

A Facet is an Eclipse WebTools Project concept which essentially means a capability attached to an Eclipse project.

What are facets in web design?

Facets are a way to add specific, relevant options to your search results pages or category listings, so that when your users search for a product or browse categories, they can see where in your catalogue they’ve ended up.

What is a facet joint?

The facet joints are the connections between the bones of the spine. The nerve roots pass through these joints to go from the spinal cord to the arms, legs and other parts of the body. These joints also allow the spine to bend and twist, and they keep the back from slipping too far forward or twisting without limits.

What does facet mean in English?

1 : any of the definable aspects that make up a subject (as of contemplation) or an object (as of consideration) Each facet of the problem requires careful attention. 2 : a small plane surface (as on a cut gem) — see brilliant illustration. 3 : the external corneal surface of an ommatidium.

What does fasit mean?

financial asset securitization investment trustThe use of a financial asset securitization investment trust (FASIT) was for the securitization of non-mortgage debts with short maturities. Examples of these short maturity debts include credit card receivables, car loans or personal loans.