Quick Answer: Why Is Rachel The Worst Friend?

Who is most favorite Friends character?

CHANDLER BINGAccording to a new poll by Ranker, the most popular Friends character is….


Chandler, played by Matthew Perry, had over 10,000 votes, taking the lead by about 2500.

In second place with over 7000 of the votes is Joey Tribbiani, played by Matt LeBlanc..

Who was paid most on friends?

AnistonThe stars were paid $75,000 per episode in season three, $85,000 in season four, $100,000 in season five, $125,000 in season six, $750,000 in seasons seven and eight, and $1 million in seasons nine and ten, making Aniston, Cox, and Kudrow the highest-paid TV actresses of all time.

Does Chandler die in friends?

Basically, Chandler gets hit by an ice cream truck and tragedy ensues following his death. The five remaining friends mourn his absence, with Monica drowning her sorrows in drugs, alcohol, and Joey. Black-and-white shots remembering the gang’s good times together are cut in.

Why is Rachel the worst friends character?

Originally Answered: Why do I hate Rachel from Friends? The fact that she basically never took any interest in the hobbies and profession of the man she supposedly loved. But frequently despised other women who did, even when she wasn’t dating him. Somebody said it already, Rachel encouraged Bonnie to SHAVE HER HEAD.

Is Rachel from friends rich?

Rachel Green gave it all up to be on her own. As a matter of fact, she went from being rich to dirt poor. She gave up all the money and love for freedom. Luckily, she had her 5 best friends to lean on.

Why did Will Hate Rachel?

Will had a strong dislike for Rachel. In high school, she was very mean to him and constantly made fun of him because of his weight. … Unlike Ross, who loved Rachel dearly (only joining because of his unrequited love for her), Will continued to hate Rachel even after getting reacquainted many years after high school.

Why does Judy hate Monica?

The Friends theory suggests that the reason for Judy’s rudeness towards her daughter is that Monica was the love child of an extra-marital affair of Judy’s. Every time she saw Monica, she was reminded of that bad decision and was overcome with shame (and fear), and took it all out on her.

Who was the worst character on Friends?

Ross GellerRoss Geller is the absolute worst. For ten years, dorky paleontologist Ross Geller kept the world entranced with his will-they-won’t-they love affair with Jennifer Aniston’s golden girl Rachel Green.

Does Rachel really love Ross?

Actually, the only example of Rachel in love is During season 3 when her and Ross were dating. … This just proves that when Rachel was goign out with Ross, the two were actually in love. And not just “oh, I really like him” love, I mean they truly and deeply loved each other in this season.

Why didnt Rachel invite Monica to her wedding?

When Rachel tells her dad on the phone that she would stay with Monica, Monica’s expression was that of horror and surprise. So probably that’s why Rachel didn’t invite Monica to her wedding. Rachel and Monica were friends until high school. … Rachel and Monica lost touch with each other after High School.

Why is Ross hated?

There are plenty of reasons. He hated it when Ben played with a Barbie, he parlayed historical artifacts with Rachel’s boss, he had issues with Rachel’s male nanny. Ross may have had his flaws but those were scriptural. … It’s high time people stop dragging Ross’s name through the mud for he was a genuinely good guy.

Why is Chandler so thin in Season 3?

16 Chandler Bing: Season 3 It has since been revealed that Matthew Perry was dealing with issues outside of filming that led him to become so thin and it wasn’t an intentional part of the show.

Why is Rachel so selfish in friends?

She left Barry at altar. If she did not love him or did not want to spend her life with him, then she should have figured it out before their wedding day. Leaving a person like that makes her kind of selfish. After seeing Ross with Julie, she constantly behaved bad with Julie.

Who hates Rachel from Friends?

Cobra Kai Season 3 – The Loop Will and Ross were in the I hate Rachel Greene club. “The One With The Rumor” is the ninth episode of the eighth season of Friends, which aired on November 22, 2001.

Who was the prettiest on friends?

In terms of personal attributes, Phoebe is seen as the nicest Friend (25%), while Chandler is seen as the funniest (31%) and Joey as the most fun (37%). Rachel is by far seen as the most attractive of the Friends (50%), and also the most popular choice for someone to go on a date with, at 21%.