Quick Answer: What Is Ubisoft’S Email?

How do I find out my Ubisoft email?

ANSWER: If you no longer have access to your email address but can still log in to the Ubisoft Support site, please contact our Customer Support Team by creating and submitting a support ticket or starting a live chat..

What does a Ubisoft account do?

Why do I need a Ubisoft account to access Ubisoft Connect? The Ubisoft account lets you enjoy all Ubisoft services, including Ubisoft Connect.

Can I change my Ubisoft email?

To change the email address currently associated with your Ubisoft account: Head to the Account Information page. ​​​​​​• Click the Edit button in the Private information section. Select Change next to your email address.

How do I reset my Ubisoft email?

You can update your email address easily from our Account Management website!Navigate to the Account Management website, and log in to your Ubisoft account.Click on the Account Information tile.Navigate to the Private information section.Click on the Edit button.Click on the Change button.More items…

How do I find my Ubisoft account?

In the event you lose access to your Ubisoft Account, we will be happy to help you recover it. You can contact us via live chat between 11:00 – 19:30 (Mon – Fri) or 11:00 – 17:30 (Sat – Sun), for help with getting back into your account.

Can I delete my Ubisoft account?

Head to the Account Information page. Scroll down to the Close your Ubisoft account section. Click Close. You may be asked to verify your account at this point if you have not done so previously.

How do I send an email to Ubisoft?

Select the Options button at the top right of the screen. In the drop-down menu, select Go To: Contact Support. You will now see the Open a Support Case page. Select Email Us for a support ticket or Start Chat for a live chat within the listed hours of operation.

How do I check my Ubisoft account?

Navigate to the Link accounts section. Below, you’ll find an example of what your linked external accounts will look like on the Account Management site. Based on the image, you can see that a PlayStation Network ID, Xbox Gamertag, Google Account, and Steam account have been linked to this Ubisoft account.

Why can’t I log into Ubisoft?

Make sure that the Ubisoft Connect is not set to offline mode. Check that Ubisoft Connect PC is not running into connectivity issues. Make sure you are using the right credentials for your Ubisoft account. Resetting your password may resolve any authentication issues.

How do I transfer my Ubisoft games to another account?

There is currently no way for you to transfer games from one account to another. If you contact our support team they may be able to assist you depending on the exact details of the case, but it is likely that the game will not be moved from your friend’s Uplay account to yours.

Can you change your Ubisoft username?

Navigate to the Public profile section. Click on the pencil icon. Click on the Username field, and type in your new username, keeping in mind our username rules and our Terms of Use. Click on the Change button to update your username.

How do I contact Ubisoft?

You can contact Ubisoft via their toll-free customer phone number at 919-460-9778.