Quick Answer: What Is A 2 Step Equation Example?

What are the 5 steps to solving an equation?

The 5 Steps of Problem SolvingA “Real World” Math Drama.

Step #1: Stop and Think Before Doing Anything.

Step #2: English-to-Equation Translation.

Step #3: Solve for Whatever You’re Interested In.

Step #4: Make Sure You Understand the Result.

Step #5: Use Your Result to Solve Other Problems.

Wrap Up..

How do you check two step equations?

To check solutions to two step equations, we put our solution back into the equation and check that both sides equal. If they equal, then we know our solution is correct. If not, then our solution is wrong.

What is the golden rule for solving equations?

Do unto one side of the equation, what you do to the other! When solving math equations, we must always keep the ‘scale’ (or equation) balanced so that both sides are ALWAYS equal.

How do you solve a two step linear equation?

To solve a two-step linear equation, first add or subtract to get all terms that include the variable on one side of the equation and all terms that are just numbers on the other side. Then, divide each side by the number multiplied by the variable to solve the equation.

How do you simplify equations?

To simplify any algebraic expression, the following are the basic rules and steps:Remove any grouping symbol such as brackets and parentheses by multiplying factors.Use the exponent rule to remove grouping if the terms are containing exponents.Combine the like terms by addition or subtraction.Combine the constants.

What are the rules for solving equations?

A General Rule for Solving EquationsSimplify each side of the equation by removing parentheses and combining like terms.Use addition or subtraction to isolate the variable term on one side of the equation.Use multiplication or division to solve for the variable.

What is a two step equation?

A two-step equation is an algebraic equation that takes you two steps to solve. You’ve solved the equation when you get the variable by itself, with no numbers in front of it, on one side of the equal sign.

What is an example of a two step equation?

Solution: In the equation 3x – 2 = 16, notice that the variable is being multiplied and has a term being subtracted. To isolate the variable, we need to add 2 to both sides and then divide both sides by 3.

What are the four steps for solving an equation?

We have 4 ways of solving one-step equations: Adding, Substracting, multiplication and division. If we add the same number to both sides of an equation, both sides will remain equal.

What is a 1 step equation?

A one-step equation is an algebraic equation you can solve in only one step. … To solve one-step equations, we do the inverse (opposite) of whatever operation is being performed on the variable, so we get the variable by itself. The inverse operations are: Addition and subtraction.

What is a 2 step problem?

A two-step problem is a word problem that requires two operations to solve it, for example: … The second operation is subtraction (£1.28 – 20p = £1.08).