Quick Answer: What Happens When Contour Lines Are Close Together Indicate?

What does it mean when contour lines are close together?

Contour lines that are relatively close together indicate a slope that is fairly steep.

Contour lines that are further apart indicates a slope that is relatively flat..

What exactly does a contour line show?

Contour line, a line on a map representing an imaginary line on the land surface, all points of which are at the same elevation above a datum plane, usually mean sea level. The diagram illustrates how contour lines show relief by joining points of equal elevation.

What do V shaped contour lines indicate when they point downhill?

The rule of V and U-shaped valleys You know that you’re looking at a valley bottom when contour lines are V or U-shaped. All rivers flow downhill from higher to the lower elevations, perpendicular to the contour line above it.

What is meant by contour interval?

A contour interval is the vertical distance or difference in elevation between contour lines. Index contours are bold or thicker lines that appear at every fifth contour line. If the numbers associated with specific contour lines are increasing, the elevation of the terrain is also increasing.

Can a contour line split?

Contour lines never split or divide.

When contour lines are close together they show what type of elevation?

Contour lines show the 3-dimensional shape of the land (Figure below). What does the spacing of contour lines indicate? Closely-spaced contour lines indicate a steep slope, because the elevation changes quickly in a small area. Contour lines that seem to touch indicate a very steep rise, like a cliff or canyon wall.

How close the contour lines are is an indication of an area’s?

The arrangement of the contour lines on a map gives a direct indication of the changes in the field’s topography (Fig. 55). In hilly areas, the contour lines are close together while they are wider apart on flat slopes. The closer the contour lines, the steeper the slope.

How do index contours let you know if the land you are viewing is increasing or decreasing in elevation?

Answer Expert Verified. Index Contours are indicated by a thicker line compared to the others. Index Contours are labelled with specific elevations along it to give a better understanding of the scale of elevation.

How do you tell if contour lines are going up or down?

Remember contour numbering reads up hill – in other words the top of the number is uphill and the bottom is downhill. Also remember the closer contour lines are together, the steeper the slope.

Can a contour line on a topographic map connect a point with an elevation of 100 feet to a point with an elevation of 110 feet?

Can a contour line on a topographic map connect a point with an elevation of 100 feet to a point with an elevation of 110 feet? Explain why or why not. No, because a contour line connects points of equal elevation. The elevation of 100 feet as to equal 100 feet , which 110 feet is a different number and height.

Will a flood plain have contour lines close together or spread apart?

So here’s what each of the things you mention would mean: If the lines are far apart, that means that there is little or no slope in that area of the map. … By contrast, if the lines are close together, that means there is only a short distance between places with different elevations. That means it’s a steep slope.

What are the 3 types of contour lines?

There are 3 kinds of contour lines you’ll see on a map: intermediate, index, and supplementary.Index lines are the thickest contour lines and are usually labeled with a number at one point along the line. … Intermediate lines are the thinner, more common, lines between the index lines.More items…

What are the 5 Rules of contour lines?

Rule 1 – every point of a contour line has the same elevation. Rule 2 – contour lines separate uphill from downhill. Rule 3 – contour lines do not touch or cross each other except at a cliff. Rule 4 – every 5th contour line is darker in color.

What is the space between contour lines called?

The space between the contour lines is called the contour interval and represents a specific (set) distance. If the contour interval is 50 feet, the vertical space between the two contour lines is 50 feet.

What 2 types of lines show elevation differences?

Contour lines are used to show elevation on a topographic map. Lines or isolines on a map that connect points with the same elevation. What does each contour line on a map show? Each contour line shows a different elevation.

What is the importance of contour lines?

The purpose of contour lines is to represent the tridimensional shape of the terrestrial surface on a bidimensional map. Contour lines are the intersection of an horizontal plane parallel to the reference level and the topographical surface to describe.

Why do contour lines never cross?

Contour lines can never cross one another. Each line represents a separate elevation, and you can’t have two different elevations at the same point.

How do contour lines work?

Contour lines are lines drawn on a map connecting points of equal elevation, meaning if you physically followed a contour line, elevation would remain constant. Contour lines show elevation and the shape of the terrain. … In order to keep things simple, topographic maps show lines for certain elevations only.