Question: Who Died In Number The Stars?

What did Annemarie realize about her friend Ellen after Peter’s visit?

What did Annemarie realize about her friend Ellen after Peter’s visit.

After Peter’s visit, Annemarie realized that her friend Ellen and her family are in trouble, because they are Jewish and the Germans have begun to torment the Jews.

Hirsch’s shop was closed by the Germans because her family was Jewish..

What was in the package in number the stars?

Because of this, Annemarie must take an important package to her uncle before they can leave. On the way to the boat, soldiers with dogs stop her. They search her basket and discover the package. But when they rip it open it contains only a handkerchief, and they let her go.

What happens in Chapter 7 of Number the Stars?

Chapter VII: The House by The Sea. When they get to the sea, Ellen says it is her first time so close to the ocean. Her mother is afraid of the ocean, Ellen explains. A leaf floats up to them and Annemarie remarks that it could have come from Sweden, which is visible across the water.

How did Lise die?

She would have been twenty-one in 1943, but she died in a car accident at the age of 18. At the time of her death, Lise was engaged to Peter Neilsen, who is still like family to the Johansens. At the end of the novel, Annemarie learns that Lise was run over by German soldiers after attending a Resistance meeting.

What does Ellen Rosen look like?

Ellen Rosen is a short, stocky, dark-haired, ten-year-old Jewish girl. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with her parents in the apartment above Annemarie’s apartment.

Why was Peter helping the Rosens?

Annemarie says Peter is thoughtful and always brings her gifts. There is more to Peter’s visits than just catching up with the family of his former fiancé. Peter brings the Johansens news, and works with them in the Resistance efforts. For example, he helps them get the Rosens to safety.

Who died in Chapter 8 in number the stars?

Uncle Henrik says that he will be sleeping on the boat tonight, and that he will be leaving early in the morning. Then Henrik announces that great-aunt Birte, a very old woman, has died. She will rest in Henrik’s living room, he says, until her funeral is held the next day.

What happens in chapter 5 of Number the Stars?

Chapter 5 is a tense one in Number the Stars. We see Annemarie and Ellen nervously going to bed, worrying all the while about Ellen’s parents and the possibility of a visit from Nazi soldiers in the night. … Still, the soldiers are suspicious, demanding to know why one child has dark hair while the other two are blonde.

Why did the soldiers come to Uncle Henrik’s house?

Why did the German soldiers come to Uncle Henrik’s house? The German soldiers came to Uncle Henrik’s house, because they saw an unusual amount of people at the house. What was the first test of Annemarie’s bravery? Annemarie’s first test of bravery was lying to the soldiers about who the funeral was for.

Who all dies in number the stars?

The story begins two years after the death of Lise Johansen, and in the end it is mentioned that Peter Neilson also died.

What happened to Peter in number the stars?

Peter Neilsen has been killed. He was caught and jailed by the Nazis, then shot in a public square. The night before he died, Peter wrote to the Johansens saying he was proud, and not afraid. Peter asked to be buried with Lise, but the Nazis would not return his body.

Why did Annemarie hide Ellen’s necklace?

The necklace is a symbol of the sisterhood and shared identity between Ellen and Annemarie. … Annemarie hides the necklace away, promising Ellen that she’ll keep it for her until it’s safe for Ellen to wear the necklace again.

Is Number the Stars a true story?

An interview with Lois Lowry reveals that the popular children’s novel Number the Stars was based on a true story of resistance to the Nazis. There, on a 1988 vacation, Lowry talked to her friend Annelise about her childhood experiences in wartime Denmark. …

What did mama say to keep the soldiers from opening the casket?

How does Mama keep the soldiers from opening the casket? Mama tells the soldiers that her aunt had died from typhus.

What happens in chapter 16 of Number the Stars?

In Chapter 16, Uncle Henrik rewards Annemarie’s exceptional courage and maturity. … Annemarie knows that Kirsti is behaving selfishly only because she does not know the reason for the Rosens’ midnight escape. Even if Annemarie is annoyed about Kirsti’s childlike concerns, she does not scold her sister.