Question: What Scale Is 20mm Miniatures?

What scale are 25mm miniatures?

1/72 scale25mm equals .

984″ (closer to 1″ than 26mm.

1″ = 25.4mm).

So 25mm figures are 1/72 scale..

How tall are Dungeons and Dragons miniatures?

Miniatures are generally either 25mm or 28mm scale, which represents a 6 ft tall person being either 25 or 28mm tall.

What scale is 70mm?

How are figure scales and standards determined?ScaleGaugemm Standard**1/32#154mm1/25G*70mm1/24G*-1/23G*76mm22 more rows

What is 20mm scale?

Original nominal 25 mm figure scale; though a 6-foot human in 1:87 is closer to 20mm. … Very close to 20 mm figure scale in wargaming circles (20mm is actually 1:80.5).

What scale are D&D Miniatures?

D&D miniatures are typically measured in relative or absolute scale and usually run between 25mm and 28mm in scale. Their scales are said to align with a larger scale of about 30mm. However, exact measurements tend to vary.

What scale is flames of war?

Flames of War allows players to wargame company level battles from the European, Pacific and North African Theatres of World War Two, using 1/100 scale miniatures (15 mm figure scale) and miniature armour.

What train scale is 28mm?

1:64 (29mm) S-scale – This is a somewhat rare railroad modeling scale (as compared with O, HO or N-scale. This is the closest scale to the 28mm miniature war game standard 28mm, e.g., Games Workshop and others.

Is Warhammer a 28mm?

The nominal scale of 40K is 28mm ‘heroic’. If you convert this to proportional scale, GW infantry models are supposedly about 1/60 scale. (A six foot tall man measures five feet eight to the eyes.) Other manufacturers sometimes describe 28mm as 1/56 scale.

What does 25mm scale mean?

Two Measures of Scale The size of a miniature, relative to what it is a replica of, is known as the scale of the figure. … Therefore, when a manufacturer says his figures are (for instance) 25mm scale, he might mean “25mm to top of the head” or “25mm to eye level.”

How big is a 1 700 scale model?

1:700 Scale, the collector’s scale, offers the modeler hundreds of different model ship kits to choose from. This smaller scale translates to 1 Foot equals 700 Feet. Based on the example above, a 700′ long ship would be a 12″ model.

What size is 28mm?

28 mm is equivalent to 1,1023622047 inches.

Can you use Warhammer minis for D&D?

no, but keep in mind warhammer minis are super expensive. it may not be economical to buy them for the purposes of d&d.

What scale are age of Sigmar miniatures?

AOS is a 28mm game and its miniature ranges are 28mm. I bring this up because among the many accusations leveled at GW over the course of them discontinuing Warhammer and releasing Age of Sigmar is that GW decided to abandon 28mm fantasy so they could sell new ranges of bigger, more expensive models.

What scale is 90mm?

Most of those are issued in 1/20 scale. There are some makers who produce figures, sold as 1/20 scale, to go with those kits. Other makers also sell figures to go with them, and they call their figures 90mm.

What scale are 28mm miniatures?

28mm scale miniatures. 28mm scale or 28mm miniature is a phrase often used for wargaming models that are usually 28mm-35mm tall, and belong to 1/50-1/61 modeling scale.