Question: How Do I Make My List Look Professional?

How do you present a list?

7 Tips for Presenting Bulleted ListsWrite list items to have approximately similar line lengths.

Use numbered lists only when the sequence or count of items are important.

Use parallel sentence construction for list items.

Avoid repeating the same word(s) at the beginning of each list item.

Introduce a list with a clear, descriptive sentence or phrase.More items…•.

What are the 4 types of presentation?

Types of PresentationsInformative. Keep an informative presentation brief and to the point. … Instructional. Your purpose in an instructional presentation is to give specific directions or orders. … Arousing. Your purpose in an arousing presentation is to make people think about a certain problem or situation. … Persuasive. … Decision-making.

How can you make a list for listing items in bullets?

Type* and a space before your text, and Word will make a bulleted list. To complete your list, press Enter until the bullets or numbering switch off.

What is a multi level bulleted list?

A multilevel list is a list with more than one level. For example, the picture is an example of a multilevel bullet list and a multilevel numbered list. … In Microsoft Word, while creating a bullet or number list, you can create a new level by pressing the Tab key.

How do I make a multi level list in Word?

To Create a List with Multiple Levels:Place your cursor anywhere within your list.Under the “Home” tab, locate the “Paragraph” group > Click the [Multilevel List] icon located next to the [Numbering] icon.Choose a list from the “List Library,” or click “Define New Multilevel List” and complete the following:

What is the most important reason for having a table of contents in a document?

When you’re creating or editing a document, a TOC helps outline and organize your thoughts so you don’t leave out anything important. Manage reader expectations. The TOC gives readers a high-level view of the content in the document. The author can use the TOC to set the tone and the framework for the document.

How do I make my presentation look professional?

These 10 PowerPoint hacks can keep your presentations clean, effective and are surprisingly effective.Write before you design. … Start with a title slide that piques interest. … Stick to simple designs. … Emphasize one point per slide. … Use text sparingly. … Select images for impact. … Practice your verbal presentation.More items…

How can I make my list look pretty?

Create beautiful numbered lists in PowerPointStart with a list. Start with a simple list, like this one. … Convert to SmartArt. Starting with SmartArt will make the rest of the process easier. … Add the numbers. … Format the SmartArt. … Ungroup the SmartArt. … Adjust the size and spacing of the numbers. … Have fun with a new shape and colors. … Change the background and shape color.More items…•

How do you make a list look good in Word?

Use SmartArt to create a more interesting bulleted list in WordWith the insertion point positioned where you want the list to appear, click the Insert tab.Click SmartArt in the Illustrations group.Choose list in the left pane.Select one of the list options by selecting it and clicking OK.More items…•

What is the 10 20 30 rule?

It’s quite simple: a PowerPoint presentation should have 10 slides, last no more than 20 minutes, and contain no font smaller than 30 points. … Never mind that you have an hour for the presentation. Get it done in 20 minutes and you’ll have an extra 40 for discussion. Thirty points for the font.

How do you create a bulleted list?

The Microsoft Word keyboard shortcut key to create a bullet is Ctrl + Shift + L .Position the cursor where you want to insert the bullet list.On the Home tab in the Ribbon, click the bullet list button, as shown at the top of the page.If successful, a bullet should appear.

How do you introduce a bulleted list?

Bulleted lists Introduce the list with a lead-in phrase or clause (the lead-in need not be a complete sentence; the list items can complete the grammar started by the lead-in). Punctuate the lead-in with a colon.