Question: How Do I Delete A Sketch In Inventor?

How do you delete a drawing on sketchbook?

Deleting sketches within a folderTo delete one or more sketches, tap.

, then the sketch or sketches from the Gallery or from within a folder.Tap and select.


The sketch appears in the Trash folder..

How do I remove hatching?

In the hatch ribbon click off the associative button, then on the left off the ribbon pick the select command. Click on the small square polyline that you want to remove the hatch in, hit enter. That should remove it.

How do I delete layers in SketchBook?

Deleting layers in SketchBook for Windows 10To delete one or more visible layers, in the Layer Editor, select the layer(s) to be deleted, then tap and select Delete.To delete all hidden layers, tap and select Delete Hidden Layers.

How do I change the hatch in AutoCAD?

To Modify the Properties of a Hatch ObjectUse the Hatch Editor ribbon controls.Hover over the hatch control grip to display a dynamic menu that lets you quickly change the pattern origin point, angle, and scale.Use the Properties palette.Right-click to access the Hatch Edit and other commands.

How many types of islands are there in Hatch command?

Enclosed areas or text objects inside hatch boundaries are treated as islands. The three island detection styles are compared below: Using Normal island detection, if you specify the internal pick point shown, islands remain unhatched and islands within islands are hatched.

How do I delete a folder?

It’s usually at the top of the screen. On many Androids, this allows you to edit the app drawer. If you don’t see one of these options, browse to the folder you want to delete, tap and hold it until a menu appears, and then select the Delete option.

How long does it take to delete an Autodesk account?

Allow up to 90 days to process your request. Corporate accounts: If your account is associated with a corporate account, we may contact you for more information or direct you to your account administrator.

Can I delete Autodesk material library?

The Autodesk Material library is a library that is shared between Autodesk products and that is installed silently on your computer. … It is recommended you do not uninstall this component unless you are also uninstalling all Autodesk products that require this library.

How do you shade a drawing in Inventor?

On drawing mode, select the Base View and place the view onto the sheet. Using the Overlay view, click on the original base view and then choose new View Representation from the pop-up window. Press the button the Shaded for the shaded effect.

How do I delete Autodesk?

Uninstalling Autodesk softwareUninstall using the Autodesk Uninstall Tool: Go to the start menu > all programs > Autodesk. … You can uninstall the software via the control panel: Go to your Start Menu > Control Panel > Programs and Features and navigate to your software then click on Uninstall/Change at the top. … Delete as many files in Temp folder;

How do you move sketches in SketchBook?

Repositioning your selection in SketchBook for MobileTo free-form move the selection, drag with your finger in the middle of the puck to place the selection.To move the selection a pixel at a time, tap the arrow for the direction you want. Each time you tap it, the selection is moved one pixel in that direction.

How do you make a hatch in Inventor?

On the ribbon, click Sketch tab Draw panel Fill/Hatch Region . In the graphics window, select the sketch loop you want to fill or hatch. In the Hatch/Color Fill dialog box, select options, and then click OK. To add hatching, switch Hatch on.

How do I delete all Autodesk software?

Uninstall Autodesk productsOpen the Control Panel. … Select Uninstall a program (Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10) or Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP).Uninstall peripheral applications from smallest to largest. … After add-in applications are uninstalled, select the main product to be uninstalled.More items…

How do you edit solid bodies in Inventor?

When you import a SAT or STEP file into Inventor we all know you end up with a featureless solid body. If the need to edit this solid body arises, we may turn to a variety of tools including the new Autodesk Fusion 360. Some will right click on the solid and select Edit Solid.

How do I hatch in AutoCAD?

To Hatch or Fill an Object or an AreaClick Home tab Draw panel Hatch. … On the Properties panel Hatch Type list, select the type of hatch that you want to use.On the Pattern panel, click a hatch pattern or fill.On the Boundaries panel, specify the how the pattern boundary is selected:More items…•

How do I delete in Inventor?

Delete featureIn the browser or graphics window, select the feature to delete.Right-click and select Delete.In the Delete Features dialog box, specify which dependent features, sketches, or work features to delete or retain: For consumed sketches, surface features, and work features of selected features:

How do you delete a hatch in Inventor?

See How to remove a hatch in a drawing sketch with Inventor 2019 or greater (video)….Or, the hatch can be turned off:Run Sketch > Fill/Hatch Region.Select the boundary or the hatch.From the Pattern list, select None (Inventor 2019 and later). Or, click Hatch to turn on/off the hatch (Inventor 2018 and earlier).

How do you delete a solid body in Inventor?

When using the Delete Face command with the Select Lump or Void option on a multi-body part to delete a “solid body”, the “lump” still shows in the Solid Bodies node of the Model browser after being deleted.

How do I delete a section of Hatch in Autocad?

HelpClick Content Editor tab Tools panel Hatch drop-down Edit . Find.In the drawing area, select the icon corresponding to the hatch you want to edit.In the drawing area, specify a point inside the island you want to eliminate, and then press Enter.