Is It Recap Or Re Cap?

What does Recap mean in trucking?

without a 70 hour resetIf you are off duty with truck stopped for 34 hours, the 70 hour resets and you have all 70 hours available again.

Recap—Refers to when you have driven more then 8 days without a 70 hour reset.

Each day you get more hours added to your 70 hour clock depending on how many hours you were on duty& driving 8 days ago..

Does Recap have a hyphen?

Here’s a quick recap: The word recap is short for recapitulation, which is a summary or brief review. Notice that it does not contain a hyphen.

What does re cap mean?

re·capped, re·cap·ping, re·caps. 1. To replace a cap or caplike covering on: recapped the bottle. 2. To restore (a used tire of a motor vehicle) to usable condition by bonding new rubber onto the worn tread and lateral surface.

How do you use chide?

Chide sentence examplesShe didn’t chide me for calling early. … He will not chide continually, nor keep his anger still. … A’Ran knew he should chide her as he would his sisters and remind her of her place, but the words died before reaching his lips. … “Billie didn’t even say hello, Vinnie,” Dean continued to chide.More items…

What is another word for in conclusion?

What is another word for in conclusion?at lasteventuallyfinallyultimatelylastlyat long lastin the endin timeafter a considerable timeafter a long time15 more rows

What does Recap mean in real estate?

In a recap, the sponsor already owns the property and is attempting to replace the existing capital structure with a new one using new debt (probably) and new investor finance.

What is the opposite of recap?

Antonyms for recap increase, extension, unabridgement, expansion, enlargement.

How do you write a recap?

How To Write An Event RecapWrite it soon after the event. Writing while you remember what happened at the event is very important. … Keep it short and simple. … Thank the appropriate people. … Use event hashtags. … Include a call-to-action. … Showcase event media.

How do you use recap in a sentence?

I shall recap the events. Let me recap some of the highlights.

Why is it important to recap?

The strategy also helps students to learn presentation skills and respond to questions from their peers. RECAP has proven to be beneficial to both the students and the instructor. The students have a better grasp of concepts taught in class, as well as a systematic way of preparing for exams.

What is another word for recap?

In this page you can discover 24 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for recap, like: review, summary, run-through, synopsize, run down, go over, summarize, wrap-up, epitomize, rundown and recapitulation.

How do you say Recap formally?

WORDS RELATED TO RECAPepitomize.go over same ground.go the same round.outline.paraphrase.recap.recount.rehash.More items…

Is recap short for something?

Recap is a shortened form of recapitulate, “summarize,” from the Latin recapitulare, “go over the main points again.”

What is another word for mitigate?

Some common synonyms of mitigate are allay, alleviate, assuage, lighten, and relieve.

What is a recap episode?

In anime, a common type of episode is the Recap episode, which presents clips from previous episodes in a manner to remind viewers of the story so far and help newer viewers catch up on the plot and details.