How Many Reports Can I Subscribe To In Salesforce?

What is report subscription in Salesforce?

In Salesforce Classic, subscribe to a report to receive report notifications periodically when the metrics you care about most meet certain conditions.

Set the conditions that trigger notification, and specify if you want to be notified via Salesforce app notifications, Chatter, or email..

How many rows can be shown in a joined report?

Reports display a maximum of 2,000 rows. To view more the rows, export the report to Excel or use the printable view for tabular and summary reports. For joined reports, printable view displays a maximum of 20,000 rows.

Can we schedule reports in Salesforce?

On the Reports tab, click a report name. Click Schedule Future Runs from the Run Report drop-down menu. If you’re creating a new report, you are asked to save the report in a folder before scheduling. If the report folder is shared with a group, you can schedule the report only for the entire group.

What is Salesforce subscription?

Subscription products are services that run for a set period, such as a year-long support service. Salesforce CPQ automates pricing, prorating, and coterminating subscriptions on contracts and renewals.

Can we use joined reports in dashboard?

When report builder isn’t enabled, users can run joined reports, but can’t create them. Joined reports require that the new user interface theme is enabled. … You can’t filter data on a joined report in dashboard view or add a filter to a dashboard that only has joined reports.

How do I subscribe to a Salesforce report?

From the Reports tab or from the report run page, click. … From the Edit Subscription menu, set the subscription schedule. … Optionally, add conditions. … Under Send To , you are automatically selected as a recipient. … Select from the available entity types and start typing to see all the matching names.More items…

Can you subscribe to joined reports in Salesforce?

Allow Joined reports to have Subscription functionality available. Any user who can run and view a report should have the subscription function available to have the report delivered on a scheduled basis like a tabular report.

How do I see who is subscribed to a Salesforce report?

If you are in Salesforce Lightning, again, click on the reports tab and then, on the left side, go to ‘All Reports’. On the top will be a tab labelled ‘Subscribed’. Easy as that. Happy reporting!

How do I send a report as an attachment in Salesforce?

From the Reports tab or from the report run page, click. | Subscribe.Click Attach File.Choose to attach a Formatted Report ( . XLSX ) or a Details Only ( . … If attaching a details only ( . CSV ) file, optionally choose an encoding.Click Save. … Click Save.

How do I enable joined reports in Salesforce lightning?

Enable the ‘Upgrade Report Builder’ setting for your organization within Lightning Experience:Click Setup.Search for Reports and Dashboards Settings within the sidebar search. Select this option.Select the option to Upgrade Report Builder.Click Save.