Can A Right Triangle Have 2 Obtuse Angles?

Can a triangle have all three angles greater than 60o?

A triangle cannot have neither all the angles less than 60 degree nor greater than 60 degrees.

All the angles in a triangle can never be less than 60 nor greater than 60.

However all the angles can be acute ,whether only two of them..

How many right angles can be in an obtuse triangle?

There cannot be any right angles in an obtuse triangle. To show why this is, we will use the following facts: The sum of the angles of any triangle…

Can a triangle have all angles equal?

In a Euclidean space, the sum of angles of a triangle equals the straight angle (180 degrees, π radians, two right angles, or a half-turn). … Its difference from 180° is a case of angular defect and serves as an important distinction for geometric systems.

Why can’t a right triangle be obtuse?

A right triangle cannot be obtuse because of the sizes of the angles therein. Any triangle has three sides, three angles, and three angles that equal…

What is the greatest number of right angles in a triangle?

Explanation: A triangle has 180o as the sum of all its internal angles, no more, no less. If one angle is 90o , then you can have two 45o angles, one 30o and a 60o , an 81o and a 9o – pretty much any combination of numbers adding up to 90 to make the total 90+90=180 .

Does a triangle have 3 right angles?

No, real, triangle can have three right angles. … The sum of the angles formed must equal 180° and the sum of the length of two sides must be greater than the length of the third. A right angle takes up half of the 180°, so the remaining 90° must be split between the other two angles.

Can a triangle have all angles equal to 60?

No, a triangle cannot have all angles less than 60°, because if all angles will be less than 60°, then their sum will not be equal to 180°. Hence, it will not be a triangle.

Why do angles in a triangle add to 180?

A triangle’s angles add up to 180 degrees because one exterior angle is equal to the sum of the other two angles in the triangle. In other words, the other two angles in the triangle (the ones that add up to form the exterior angle) must combine with the third angle to make a 180 angle.

Can a right triangle have 2 acute angles?

A right triangle can, and must, have exactly two acute angles. … As a right triangle has one angle equal to 90∘ , this means the sum of the remaining two angles must be 180∘−90∘=90∘ . Thus, both of the remaining two angles must have a measure less than 90∘ and therefore must be acute.

Why can’t a triangle have more than one right angle?

Explanations (2) Ans- No a triangle cannot have more than one right angle as if there are 2 right angles the their sum will be 180° and the third angle will exceed the sum. Therefore the construction is not possible.

Can isosceles triangles be right?

Types of Triangles by Length In an isosceles triangle, two sides are the same length. An isosceles triangle may be right, obtuse, or acute (see below). In a scalene triangle, none of the sides are the same length. A scalene triangle may be right, obtuse, or acute (see below).

Can a triangle have 2 obtuse angles?

An obtuse triangle (or obtuse-angled triangle) is a triangle with one obtuse angle (greater than 90°) and two acute angles. Since a triangle’s angles must sum to 180° in Euclidean geometry, no Euclidean triangle can have more than one obtuse angle.

Can a right triangle have an obtuse angle?

A triangle cannot be right-angled and obtuse angled at the same time. Since a right-angled triangle has one right angle, the other two angles are acute. Therefore, an obtuse-angled triangle can never have a right angle; and vice versa. The side opposite the obtuse angle in the triangle is the longest.

How many right angles does a triangle have?

one right angleAnswer and Explanation: A triangle can have at most one right angle, or an angle that has a measure of 90°. When a triangle has a right angle, it is called a right…

Does a triangle have a right angle?

A right triangle (American English) or right-angled triangle (British English) is a triangle in which one angle is a right angle (that is, a 90-degree angle). … The side opposite the right angle is called the hypotenuse (side c in the figure).